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Castrol Industrial Fluids


Castrol Industrial America produces high performance industrial fluids to serve the manufacturing industry. The product portfolio consists of state of the art metalworking fluids, greases, lubricants, gear oils, general industrial hydraulic fluids, rust preventives, and cleaners. Their Performance Biolubes line is new to the Castrol Industrial family and provides environmentally responsible solutions to manufacturing customers seeking an alternative solution to traditional oils for their machining needs. Lubecon, specializing in chain and overhead conveyor lubricants, is another part of Castrol Industrial. 


In business well over 100 years, Castrol has been a pioneer for creating more effective solutions for our customers. The Castrol Industrial philosophy is to use innovative technology to solve our customers problems. Optimizing tool life, reducing wear on equipment, and minimizing customer’s machine down time is at the heart of our approach to  market. We offer lubricants to address the needs of our industrial customers so they can meet the demands of their production schedules. Castrol Industrial offers the full scope of fluids necessary to drive efficiency in our customers' applications. Check out Castrol Industrial and see how our solutions can benefit you!    


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